That's it ! everybody in RTE should be executed forthwith

and why not sure wasnt george himself recycled by RTE after being discarded as a TD


I see he’s 62 this year so almost time to ride off into the sunset on his RTE pension. Wikipedia reckons he gave up on the TD business when he realised the big drop in income he’d have to get used to, so back to RTE he went. Well for him.

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You sound like a commenter on the Ditch Twitter page mate.

Is that good or bad? :thinking:

Why does it take 3 presenters to present most radio shows on 2FM?
There’s the 3 clowns in the morning up to 9am.
Jennifer Vavavoom could have 2 to 3 more along with Marblemouth Lottie.
Tracey Clifford mans the mic solo mostly leading into The Pair of Over Used Condoms who have that hyena Afric O’Connell doing her Jimmy Carr impression with the false craic atmosphere. Then it’s Game on with Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby and Marie Crowe and a couple more. What are the labour costs on presentation alone ?

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That’s a lovely shot Wogan has off Byrne

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Mr Bakhurst confirmed to us: “Joe Duffy has made it clear he is not looking for a new contract when he finishes this contract. You have to ask him. I don’t want to start talking out of school.”

When asked by us what Joe’s future plans were at the station, Joe said that while he had nothing to add to Mr Bakhurst comments, he said on air last June to listeners that it will be more than likely his last time he will negotiate with RTE.


Creedon next

Scheming Area 51 GIF

A huge step forward…that fucking turd shown the door.

Simon’s brother

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Jesus how many different boards are in RTE and how many members of same? A definition of a gravy train

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I’m sure if it made a lot of money like Riverdance they would have shared it out.

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There’s a lot of oh “the board were never consulted” going around.

Did the board not notice the big massive fucking musical and ask a few questions?


so coveney eile got fired but got a payoff?

450 grand redundancy for a role that wasn’t made redundant. A great little country.


Fraud squad, revenue and CEA should be gutting the place rather than this punch and Judy crap at committee


Bakhurst seems like the right man for the job, takes no nonsense, AK47 style.

Bakhurst is a company man, like the rest of them.

He’s happy to drip feed bits of information out there, rather than full disclosure. The €450,000 figure had to be dragged out of him.


Would love to get shafted like that