The 32nd Dáil Eireann


None of them cunts could hit a cows arse with a banjo .


Nick Keogh.

Nicky Kelly was wrongly convicted of the Sallins train robbery.


Mary Lou cleaning house


Who is AK47 and why?


Kelly cause he shoots from the hip


Alan Kelly because he’s a cunt


Mary Lou McDonald because she’s in the Ra


This is the first big political scandal of the post-Vincent Browne era.

This new programme just doesn’t cut it in comparison with the great man.


Who was the economist who was on Browne during FF last government as the country circled the drain.


Constantine ?


That’s him. What became of him.


He was actually on some show very recently


Still doing his college gig.


You don’t hear much these days from Constantin Gurdgiev, Paul Somerville, Brian Lucey, Peter Browne, Peter Mathews or that Cormac something chap who used to talk about the failures of the Irish Accounting Standards Board.

In fairness to Mathews, that’s because in his case he’s dead.

But this new Cooper/Yates programme is much more conservative in its choice of guests, from what I’ve seen of it.


What standards board is/was that now?




Gurdgiev set up a very low profile Swiss based investment fund targetting people who wanted to keep cash outside euro zone. Co founder was none other than Declan Ganley.

He dropped out of limelight significantly after that. Have a vague recollection that the fund is since wound up


Think Constantin moved to the US to take up a role in a university over there. He was back recently for Kilkenomics and made some media appearances.

Cormac Lucey is the accounting standards guy. He was on Prime Time last night actually as he also advised Michael McDowell when McDowell was Minister for Justice.


Why wouldn’t you let me drive?
I don’t much like driving tbh, but I do like mustangs.


I’d say your an awful God help us behind the wheel.