The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Talking about facilities?

You’re really flailing around here.


Of those watching tv mate. I am going on the audience share.




does it include bbc & the history channel?


I’m not as committed to the snooping as you mate so I rushed the job.


It includes all channels signed up to TAM.

Didn’t realise you had gone all @Mac on tv ratings bro.


You gone thrawling twice in the last couple of hours.

The issue is that you just aren’t very sharp and are overcome with rage that you can’t comprehend what is posted.


Christ that’s very embarrassing for the two boys. They are clearly taking the internet much too seriously. If either of them had a dog well id be advising them to get some air and take it for a walk.


I just want all our ducks in a row mate,


you’re so posh you’re putting th’s where there shouldn’t be.



You give the scummy soccer crowd far too much credit.


You must be one of very few travellers who likes rugby. Fair play with your integration in to the settled community.


Many women like the things I want them to like and I won’t be on TFK later on tonight because I’ll be away to bone the gf. Plenty of interesting women out there just not watching rugby.


John Connors got some abuse on twitter for saying he didn’t like rugby.

It made Peter Casey look like Mother Theresa


Im not a traveller you cunt but i have travellir blood in me, im a settled. An educated, successful, well off settled person.


you seem like a very secure person


Good for you pal but ironically, unbelievably, you get called unIrish for not liking rugby but no one cares whether you watch hurling or not.

I said here before, in my class if 25+ sports-mad lads back in secondary school in Monaghan, I was one of only 2 or 3 who watched O’Driscoll’s hat-trick of tries against France in Paris. Now the bandwagon has started and rugby is “in the Irish make-up” or some bollocks, you’re considered not a proper Irishman if you don’t like it. This has been forced down our throats by Sir Tony O’Reilly, Diageo and The Irish Times. What an absolute load of fucking wank. And the poor insecure cunts falling for it.


I was just complimenting you on your continued progress integrating in to the settled community. I have no doubts you are very successful at what you do. Your posts ooze the serenity of a successful and happy person.


But 80% of travelers are settled and educated. You’re a settled traveler, that’s grand.


This is your worst incarnation yet and that’s saying something