The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2




He’s basing his thoughts on facts now?


Who calls you unIrish?

I mean, it’s a bit rich to claim that about rugby.

Who are the ones that refer to themselves as “true Gaels” and banned “foreign sports” for years?

Who are the organization that coattailed onto nationalism to get ahead?

Who are the organization that kicked the President of the country out because he attended a “foreign sport”?

Why did the leader of Ireland for the guts of half a century admit that he wouldn’t attend his favoured sport of rugby football because of “political” implications?

Why is it regularly moaned about that the Irish team sing Ireland’s Call and not “our” anthem abroad?

Why is Rory Best getting dogs abuse from some for taking an OBE today?

But yeah, rugby claims that people are unIrish for not liking it. :rofl: It’s amazing the impact that an advertisement by Guinness will have on the psyche of some insecure lads.


Why is it the fellas who shout the most about a united Ireland are most vocal about their dislike of Irelands call


It’s an inane shit song composed by Phil Coulter that probably rivals MickeyfuckingJoeHarte’s Eurovision entry “we have the world tonight” as the cheesiest song ever written. When they boom out le Marseillesaise next to it I die a little inside. And worse still it’s to appease the blackest of Orange unionist bastards.


You didnt answer the question asked. Why do those who shout most about a united Ireland despise a song written as a compromise for an all ireland team.


The Soldiers Song is a ghastly musical composition.


I think those who want a United Ireland don’t want a subservient, forelock tugging West Britain which is essentially what Irish rugby is.


As is God Save Lizzie Windsor.


The Pretend IRA don’t want rugby the 32 county game that unites the island of Ireland. Instead they want the partitionist, subservient, scummy British game of soccer.



Fake news.


You know that’s a Photoshop?


Mate, you should be more careful, thats a photoshop


Isn’t that a photoshop


Ryan Tubridy and Independent News and Media.

The IRFU, leeching off the street-cred of Croke Park. Every time there’s a player who’s a farmer or working class or whatever it’s trumpetted to high-heaven, like it’s a miracle. The GAA in contrast was formed back in 1884 before Irish nationalism was cool, with the nationalism as it’s whole raison d’etre, so that’s a little different than coat-tailing onto nationalism to get ahead, the GAA just is the nationalist project full-stop.


That’ll die out in a generation.

We should just have an anthem with no words, similar to Spain.


That reminded me of this utter nugget


Some dope


The IRFU was formed back in 1874.


Wasn’t the first game between Ireland(32 counties) and England in 1875?