The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


:joy: thats a clamping




By her majesty’s Lord lieutenant. It should also be noted that the IRFU had a cromwellian approach back then with only 3 provinces recognised, to the exclusion of connacht.


It wasn’t. 1879.

I recall the reason most British Isles sports organizations were founded around this time was until then the only sport the Crown allowed organize was horse racing bodies.


@GeoffreyBoycott caught lying again.

Photoshops and factual inaccuracies aplenty with him.


The year of formation has nothing to do with whether or not the IRFU was coattailing onto nationalism. Are you even following this discussion? What an absolutely idiotic point to make, I’m just going to ignore all your stupid fucking arguments in future.

If anything the IRFU’s year of formation just further proves its coattailing onto nationalism as a modern marketing gimmick because when it formed back in 1874 it had no interest in Irish nationalism whatsoever until it realized recently that there was money in it.

You’ve just proved yourself a stuck-up arrogant gimp living in your own wee world, fuck off, and all the wankers who liked that comment too, you fucking jokeshop.


That picture still cracks me up, sums up the scummy soccer/pretend ira crowd so well


Its a good portrayal of the Oirish Glasgow Celtic scummy soccer supporter.
Thats exactly how I see them.


it was taken outside Croke Park before the Ireland-England rugby game in 2007 wasn’t it?


The match programme from An Irish XV v Presidents International XV, the commemorative game played on 7 September 1974 to celebrate the centenary of the IRFU. That’s the type of mathematics and historical recall on display there from @TheUlteriorMotive that you’d expect from the likes of the Newton Heath/Man U historical revisionist lobby.



ah Geoff, id expect better from you

"In 1879 the two Unions agreed to amalgamate on the following terms:

(i) A Union to be known as the Irish Rugby Football Union was to be formed for the whole country.


I’d direct you to the original match programme from 7 September 1974 that I posted up there.

It states the ‘Irish Rugby Football Union Centenary Season’


In fairness to the IRFU their regiment fought in 1916


and ive directed you to the original agreement on the official website of the IRFU.

there wasn’t widespread INTERNET available back in 74 (a fantastic year, ill grant you) so they could get away with shite like that programme.


Do you view everything in life through the prism of the Pretend IRA? Great to hear your anecdotes about rugby making such inroads in Monaghan. Tommy Bowe due a chunk of the praise for that presumably.


Thankfully the IRFU have found much better methods to hype up meaningless matches these days so they no longer need to lie about their own formation.



The welch have the best anthem. When they all die of malnutrition after brexit we can rob the tune and change the words to “up the ra”