The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


in fairness to @GeoffreyBoycott hes not lying. he has simply been misled by the IRFU. a crushing breach of trust.


If this is true, I’ve been badly let down by the blazers and it is indeed a crushing breach of trust. There’s been a breach of trust here either way as there’s a conflict between the IRFU line in 1974 and what you posted up earlier, which is purportedly currently on their website. There’s only one man I would trust now to clarify this and that’s the doyen of Irish rugby writers and historians, Edmund Van Esbeck.

It just goes to show you’ve got to be very wary of these blazers. The Will Carling line about a crowd of old farts never rang truer. We saw it again here earlier this week. Contributors taken in by this nonsense and spin from a Brett Gosper, CEO of World Rugby that there’s such a thing as ‘friendlies’ in international rugby.


You can’t trust anything on the INTERNET these days mate


What’s your own view on it? Is an original match programme from 1974 heralding the centenary of the IRFU more persuasive than a spiel on an INTERNET website?


The programme would hold more value for me, the website could have been hacked, its always happening on TFK with accounts getting hacked


That’s informative. I value your opinion on all matters very highly. I hope you don’t take offence though that I am only accepting the views of Edmund Van Esbeck on this as gospel. Quiet apart from the ins and outs of it, Ned was possibly one of the very few living people who was around in either 1874 or 1879.


Why can you not handle me thinking that the IRFU have cynically hugged onto the coattails of Irish nationalism when it suits them commercially, without getting your nickers in a twist? Why does my opinion effect you so badly? You responded by introducing some completely irrelevant detail which didn’t even help your case at all, probably just helped my case and was fucking wrong anyway. What was the purpose of introducing this detail? You’re obsessed with pompous little details that are more important than the fucking game we’re playing here lad, typical of rugby.

And the muppets who fucking liked that comment, fucking explain yourselves now. @tassottI, how the fuck was that idiotic remark a clamping? How was it relevant? You’re a sycophant, it’s embarrassing.

Maybe you tits need to go conspire on your private group, “how can we cope with these folks who criticise rugby culture?” Maybe between the lot of you you might have half a brain, you fucking little children.


id suggest you head to the local leabharlann and check out Edmund Van Esbeck’s Irish Rugby (1874-1999)


You’re an angry angry man Tank.


That’s the second edition of the bible of Irish rugby. I have the first edition from 1974 which I was led to believe Ned was commissioned to write for the centenary of the IRFU. Its buried in a box somewhere. I’ll have to dig it out.


Much like Ned himself surely at this stage?


I think writing the obituaries of his peers is keeping him going


Does anybody actually know how old Ned is?


Writing them? I’d say he’s got them written for every cunt who ever carried an oval shaped object, all in his locker, ready to go


Ned is an absolute gentleman who iv had the privilege of chatting to a number of times. The last time was 5 years ago when he was disgusted at the thought of the IRFU and private investors scrambling about trying to gather enough money to convince Sexton to wear the Leinster jersey again. Ned was totally opposed to professionalism of the game and like myself I think the modern game is of little interest to him. Ned loved when games against the All-Blacks were rare and meant something, not like now where almost 1/3rd of the games in the 113 years of history have happened this decade. In Neds time these games meant alot, now they are sadly just money spinning friendlies.


Didn’t a grandson win a school’s cup medal with Blackrock number of years back ?


But is he still alive?


He was last year anyway when Fred Cogley died. He penned a moving obituary.


if you’ve a dog my advice to you is that now would be a good time to take it for a walk.


I worry sometimes that I might grow from being an angry young man into being an angry old man.