The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Don’t hang around here so, glas wouldn’t say boo to a fairy once upon a time, and now look at him.


Glas will end up voting Peter Casey and laughing at snowflakes yet.




The Chippy Brady final.


Yep, just one year after United’s centenary year.


It’s a very exciting night for Munster and Ulster fans, their youth academy are giving Ospreys an unmerciful hammering in the Pro14.



The IRFU will not be supporting this movement it seems


They announced that during the week


The scummy soccer crowd will probably ask what has the timing of the announcement got to do with the substantive issue, probably call you a hook nose cunt too



The IRFU charitable trust were bag packing and collecting in M&S Dundrum. The elderly cashier was asking the collector what the sport was (rugby) and what it was for (kids and amateur who get spinal injuries playing it). A good cause to support responded the cashier.


The sporting equivalent of the Royal British Legion


They will probably allow Brian Kennedy have a go at their team in lieu of it.


And don’t forget their seaborne arm, the rnli


Disturbing footage circulating that will shock the forum to the core

Cc @The_Selfish_Giant


What’s @ewan on about in the latest Tweet? Stuff about a WhatsApp video and an Irish Rugby player? Cc @chocolatemice


Did ye all see the Bundee Aki WhatsApp? I the words of Twink he couldn’t zip up his micky


Mate, you’re not in the members area obviously


Are cork’s merchant class turning to hurling .

CBC going great guns in Harty too .


No self respecting middle class snowflake parent would put their kids on a rubby field