The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Source for what? he merely expressed an opinion — did you listen to the piece?


I wouldn’t listen to David Walsh if you paid me. He is a busted flush


You’re grand so as he’s not in it.


How do we know that it’s not just that thick people play rugby, rather than rugby having damaged them?


Thick people play rugby so that the lack of brains won’t hold them back in terms of career advancement.


A little of column A, a little of column B.


A Munster man making light of a young French man’s death due to rugby. Disgusting


they are leaving in mass numbers in Wales also

Scarlets (Parc y Scarlets, 14,780) 12,102 (PRO14 v Ospreys) 8,064 (v Racing 92)-4,038

is it fair to say they only take it seriously in Ireland and Scotland?
great analysis BTW mate - always good to use the facts


Have you seen where Glasgow play?


Partick Thistle’s ground apparently - They’d be the Irish equivalent of Home Farm


Ah no they have some place now that looks like a medieval jousting arena


scotstoun? Capacity 4k?




He makes a compelling case to be fair .


I doubt it.


He’s not even pretending not to be a WUM anymore


Great stuff from Franno.


I haven’t read the article, but even as somebody who wanted France to win that game to stick one to Captain Character Witness and the rugby set, the greatness of the moment was immediately apparent.

It was the greatest drop goal in the history of the game.

Context is key.

Ireland were buried deep in their own half, it was the last play. They were making little headway. Sexton took it upon himself to switch the play with a kick which was smarter and ballsier than leveraged up to their eyeballs developers going on a property-buying spree in July 2007.

From then on France were on the back foot, but even then the kick itself was odds against, and would have been at the best of times, never mind with the last kick of the game trying to turn a loss in Paris into a win.

What followed in the games afterwards significantly enhanced the context of that moment and goes back to what I said in the Liverpool thread about certain moments in games casting very long shadows. Ireland wouldn’t have won a Grand Slam without it, and probably wouldn’t have beaten Australia or New Zealand either without it.

In that moment Sexton put himself alongside Ray Houghton and Robbie Keane as one of the greatest clutch players an Irish team has ever had in any sport. It helps that he’s a genuinely down to earth professional with none of the bullshit baggage that surrounds some of his contemporaries or near contemporaries.


Franno nails it there.


Difficult to not agree with Franno, especially when Interstellar and French commentary is added.