The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


If I recall correctly, I believe even @chocolatemice applauded on that day.


Because it’s Franno some people will find it hard to stomach the message. The scummy soccer crowd will even have an appreciation for this moment although it will kill them of course that Franno has written this without having a cheeky and humorous pop at the homosexuals or the blacks or some other unfortunate group o f lads.


My second favourite moment of the year


The scummy soccer crowd will wonder why we need to tell everybody it was such a good moment



Why shouldn’t we tell everyone what a great moment it was? It paved the way to a Grand Slam win. Real tangible success.

The scummy Eire soccer crowd celebrate beating England in a group game in the 1988 European Championship as the greatest moment in soccer and possibly sport. All that match decided was which of the two teams that were eliminated in the group stages avoided the ignominy of finishing bottom of the group.


That’s incorrect. There was no such match in that group.


Eire and England finished in the bottom two places in that group. The other two sides in the group, Netherlands and the USSR advanced to the knock out stages and in fact contested the final.


I guess they will say that if the population need to be told maybe its not as good as we think

they might also say that the rugby tournament is an annual tournament played by 4 countries and in each of these countries rugby wouldn’t be a popular sport



Yes but the Eire-England game did not decide the bottom two places in the group. There was no such match that did.

It was the first game in the group and therefore did not decide any placings.

If you want to point to a game in that group which decided group placings, it was the Eire-Holland game in Gelsenkirchen where Wim Kieft scored that late, bobbly header. That game was the difference between second and third place in the group.

Games such as this are actually quite rare in international football. Egypt v Saudi Arabia at the 2018 World Cup was one such example.


That Geoffrey boycott is some tulip.


They’re incredibly common at rugby “world cups” though


Very hard to take Geoffrey seriously about anything after reading that.


You are 100% correct. That famous win for Eire over England meant that it was they that came 3rd, and england came 4th, in a 4 team group.
Sometimes the scummy soccer lads just dont like the facts.


@Sidney is some yoke


This was voted by the Irish public as their favourite moment of the year, well before Franno got in.

Good to see that you consider him a key influencer though.


What was last years?


The death of Martin McGuinness - but do bear in mind that only RTE staff members and registered rugby football club members were eligible to vote in the poll.




Not “Mayweather-McGuinness”, as you originally posted? :grin:

That would have been some battle.


I’ve left you a very obvious comeback there, Tim. Take the opportunity.