The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


England were superb.


Ewan has given a Tour de France on twitter over yesterday’s debacle.


Throw it up there. Hes a weird git.


newstalk throwing bundee under the bus but it was a"good decision to play Henshaw"


The non Irish should be thrown under the bus. That’s what they are there for.


Will you post up a few of Ewan’s tweets please, @Copper_pipe



" Winning isnt gloating " :joy:


I went for a run while the rugby was on. When i came back Rascal informed me ‘they’re fighting on the tv’. The mrs had the rugby on. She quietely told him rugby was better than football. It isn’t often he sides with Daddy but to my delight the words ‘no Mummy’ made me very proud.



A lot of the usual suspects reacting very emotionally here to a result in a sport they don’t like. Ewan-lite stuff. Rugby really has gotten inside their heads.


Thats a weak flail in fairness.
Let them have their moment. Theyve waited long enough.
Should have used the dog leg D.


I wouldn’t have put you in that group @flattythehurdler but you’re right - if it brings a little joy to lives then who am I to point it out. Enjoy the day.


Im going to Murray field next week to support the goys.
Im convinced ill do a better job than @Fagan_ODowd did yesterday.
Ive already offered to meet any other forumites of the team of us ™ who are intrepid enough to travel.
I even posted a pic of my tickets.
Youre clearly still a bit tired and emotional.
Itll pass.


Hang on a sec - are you a supporter or a mocker. It’s not very clear from your posts. Clarification would be helpful.

I’m at peace with y’day. Ireland were well beaten by a more physical England who figured out ways to exploit the Irish defensive system. Quite a few Irish players had poor games or were made to look poor. Very disappointing but better find out some of the issues now than in 6 months. Let’s see how the team reacts to it.


Has anybody on this forum actually attended a match where the Ireland rugby team won?

I’ve attended five rugby football internationals in which Ireland played. They lost all five.


It depends on who im talking to.


Its only the jocks next.
We’ll be none the wiser.


How very smart and sophisticated of you. A man of principles indeed. I’d say you have a little chuckle inside as you play both sides.


Been to 5, w2 l3