The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Its only the partitionist Eire soccer types. The only kick they get from international sport now is when the Ireland rugby team loses. A loss to the 4th ranked side in the world, who won the Championship in 2016 (Grand Slam) and 2017, by the 2nd ranked side in the world, who’d won 18 of their previous 19 internationals is now seemingly a ‘debacle’. If only the Eire soccer fans applied such exacting standards to the Eire side, they might perform a little bit better.


Wait a minute. Which side are you playing now? Is this a genuine point or are you lining me up if i respond.


Get fucked.


I bet the ones where they won were against Italy.


If you dont like my principles, i have others.
As regards ireland rugby, ive beem going to connacht and lansdowne road since the late seventies (dragged along as a wain for the first few years)
I have a slightly odd outlook in that id rather play a junior c hurling match than watch ireland win a world cup. Same goes for all sports really. I go for meeting up with people, having a nice meal and a few pints, and for the atmosphere.
As such, i would rather watch ireland lose a good game,than win a bad one.


Ill try bud.


VIP tickets I suppose?


South Africa and the scotch


The Scotch might as well be Italy.

I once saw South Africa lose at Lansdowne Road, against Barbarian F.C. in 1994.


Enjoy mate. An international rugby weekend in Edinburgh is a great experience.


Its invariably fucking freezing though.
The scotch dont need scarves as everyone has turned blue.


Maff Williams and myself knew


Posting up that info isn’t a wise idea mate. I quick email to the Scotland Rugby Union could easily get the ticket voided.


Ta bud. Not sure why anyone would do that ,but appreciated.


Never underestimate the calibre of cunt on the INTERNET


They’re great seats Flatty. Enjoy.


It’s mad how 2019 so far has been so like 2002.

The Rams versus the Patriots in the Superbowl on the same date, February 3rd, a coup in Venezuela, Mick McCarthy is Eire manager again, and of course, England are once again thrashing Ireland in rugby.


I had it on driving around and after doing diy
He kept referring to players been “smashed” when tackles were been made .
i must say i found a bit unnecessary, the hyperbole is a bit juvenile. Similar to marty morrissey on any hurling "classic "


They were smashed alright. Its gone well beyond just taking a lad down.


Tony Ward calling out Joe Smith cc @myboyblue