The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2




Has Schmidt resigned yet?


A lady pundit on the radio this morning cited the fact England ignored the decoy runners and made big dominant tackles.


Heard the same. Murrayfield is always a difficult place to go to, but she’s quietly confident of a result against the Scots.


The English pack destroyed and dominated the Oirish


Massive physicality


this is a fallacy.

Ireland won 3 scrums out of 3 and 11 lineouts out 12. The one miss was a crooked throw by Best

England won 5 scrums out of 5 and 8 lineouts out of 10.

Ireland won 136 out of 138 mauls, England won 80 out of 80

Ireland had more possession, territory, as many line breaks, carried the ball more and beat more men in the tackle.

Ireland lost because they had a malfunctioning back three that was targeted in the air by England.


England won the collisions and had way more dominant tackles.


the turnover count was 14 to 11 in favour of England. A lot of these were handling errors, ala Stockdales abomination to hand England 7 points.

This is typical rugby bollocks here at play. The narrative that one team was dominant physically, when they weren’t.

Like almost all rugby matches, it was decided by the team that made the most mistakes when they spent twenty odd minutes kicking it back and forth to each other


Some strange messages here now.


which are?


Bit harsh, the bounce of an odd shaped ball is unpredictable.


A motto for the forum if ever I saw one


Was there a meeting somewhere where all the rugby heads sat down and decided dominant tackles was now a thing?


Murray Kinsella said England won the dominant tackle count 48-8. He’s Ireland’s preeminent expert on rubby according to @gilgamboa so maybe one of those two can shed some light on it?


Lads who don’t care about rugby discussing the intricacies of the game.


Has @gilgamboa posted since the game?


@chocolatemice can you go round and check on him


Ireland have been lacking in the big dominant tackles department since the departures of Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.


He needs time.