The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Bring back Zeebs


The rest of the game was the same old kick and grunt that over the years has too often made the Six Nations about as much fun to watch as an appointment with a censorious dentist unimpressed with your dental hygiene.

If England were soullessly efficient, Ireland were just as dull, without even the consolation of victory. Irish halfback Connor Murray has a magnificent high box kick but dear Lord, yesterday he did it so often it was more predictable than Groundhog Day.

No wonder Farrell likes to tackle without using his arms. When he tries to tackle legally he’s basically a revolving door.


Zeebs and Murray made a great partnership when they had a prop on hand


If lads who cared about rugby, cared a little more, then maybe it wouldn’t be dying on it’s arse.

Maybe a little discussion on the actual intricacies of the game (of which there are few) wouldn’t go amiss, as opposed to the general sweep sweepery of “dominant tackles” and “physicality”


You back watching the rugby again?



You back sleeping during the night?


I’m an early riser and a light sleeper. Five hours a night suffices.


I don’t understand your angle here.

You’re saying that saying you were beat up physically is sweep sweep?

That’s just an opinion someone has.

The fact that you went to the hassle there of looking up stats and posting away on here (I assume you watched it too). Get a hobby comrade.


Lads who hate rugby looking up the rugby section of the NZ Herald.



I have Mick Corcoran’s commentary on a loop.


I thought you went for a run during the game?


More of a fat man’s stumble but yes I went for a wee jaunt when the rugby started. I’m disappointed you’re so sceptical.


a refusal by the associated press to actually analyse the reasons for defeat, insulating the IRFU, Schmidt and the players from any real criticism.

Our boys were beat up physically is the narrative, they weren’t, they were beat tactically, surgically almost


How is saying that you were outplayed “physically” anything but a criticism?

Your argument is that it was mistakes by players (I think, I’m not sure if you watched the game or not). 80 minutes of being pushed back and beaten up is a far worse reflection on a team and it’s coaches than Jacob Stockdale failing to anticipate how high a ball would bounce.

Your posts regularly exhibit irrationality and stupidity so I’ll leave it there for you to wail away. I hope you enjoy watching next weekend’s Six Nations and analyzing the stats. What a life you lead. :+1:


Ireland had more possession, territory and carries than England.
Ireland had a failing 9/10 combination and two tactics. Box Kick from 9 or a loop around off Sexton and a bosh up the middle.
Why were Murray and Sexton left on the field. Why did Ireland continue to bosh it up the middle and not go wide?
Why was Henshaw playing full back? He was out of position numerous times and ruthlessly exposed.

Stockdale’s starting position was dreadfully wrong in the first place, outside of any handling errors.

I hope you enjoy guffawing with the goys and having GT’s and continue to be blissfully happy watching a sport you clearly don’t understand


Where did I say I even agreed with the argument that Ireland lost because of physicality?

I called out your stupidity in thinking that argument was “defending” the players.

Love all the stats there and the GTs comment, Monday afternoon and you are still dribbling over a sport you claim to hate.


Murray and Sexton were both substituted.


I said insulating the players from any real criticism, due to the ignorance of the media/refusal to discuss any real tactical issues




after the damage had been done.

one of the lads that came on for them got a try, but it was already red rover