The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


You have him reeling @Fagan_ODowd



If you tell someone they were beaten up, that’s a criticism.

How dumb are you?


it’s a collective catch all, that had no relevance to the actual game or reasons they lost.


Does the result not just show that these are pointless metrics? England looked more threatening all day.


England scored with one decent move early on. They hardly threatened after, only for a malfunctioning back three.

Ireland didn’t threaten at all, because of a malfunctioning 9/10

But yeah, they beat our boys up.


And so what? You said insulating the team and coach from criticism. Going out and being physically and mentally up to playing the game is part and parcel of any sport. How would saying that Jacob Stockdale made a huge mistake in failing to judge a bounce of a ball he more of a criticism of the coaching of the game?

You really are not the smartest chap when trying to ape the other boys in class.


you might have another go at that there because it doesn’t make any sense


I’ll try decipher it.

It is simple really Tim, instead of saying they were beaten physically or mentally, which they weren’t. The focus instead should be on why, as a unit, the back 3 were absolutely destroyed.

It is because you had a fella playing full back who shouldn’t have been there. As a consequence, England targeted them and made hay.

Ireland should not have lost that game.

Even if they were beaten up physically, why aren’t questions being asked as to why the ball very rarely got out wide, and some other tactic than a loop and bosh used? Or an up and under?

It is a lazy out. Physicality won’t beat Scotland Tim

Getting a proper full back in, possibly getting Murray out of the team and trying to go wide once in a while may, though

I think the Rugby crowd are terrified that Schmidt has been found out and he showed his hand during a load of meaningless friendlies.

Eddie Jones knew exactly what Ireland would bring to the table yesterday and mugged Schmidt off (Schmidt mugged himself off playing Henshaw full back)


Still absolutely frothing here.

Again, I never actually said if I agreed with it or not.

I said that you’re an irrational moron.


yeah you’ve said quite a lot like that, instead of engaging in the discussion, but there you are.


Nailed it.


Too much boshing up the middle and not enough probing out wide.


I have been up to my eyes havent had a chance to read the various threads yet. But I can see there have been hundreds, nay thousands of posts on multiple rugby threads since Saturday. Seems like the result has sent shockwaves through the forum.

Fellas shouldnt be too despondent about it. As Ewan correctly cautioned a few months back, dangerous to peak months ahead of the RWC. This is exactly the result we needed. Some of the newer fans might have a knee jerk reaction but I wouldn’t be concerned.

Fantastic to see Tuilagi back to his best. Hipe he stays fit. Rugby needs a strong England


I think you’re using a lot of words here to say either nothing of note or to spin complete bollox.

It’s most apparent in your “get it out wide” schtick. Firstly, Ireland did that quite often using screen plays to get the ball to Aki/Ringrose. However it was fairly ineffective due to the English line speed and organisation and through average Irish passing (usually caused by English pressure). At this level a winger isn’t just going to run around his opposite number - you’ll need to create some level of numerical overlap. The English defence was very well organised and getting off the line quickly because Ireland were not winning collisions with the ball in hand. Hence, sweet fuck all space out wide. Just getting it out wide when you’re not going forward is more likely to result in mistakes like the Slade intercept try.


Aki/Ringrose isn’t getting it out wide. The ball was slow because Murray was slow, he has a double movement and is a terrible passer out to his left anyway.

England were able to defend so well because Ireland are very predictable, the loop off Sexton. They knew what Ireland were going to do before they did it.

what the fuck does that even mean?


Looking forward to Off the Ball tonight.


Id say its better on here.


The Schmidt apologists are seething


Franno is a broken man on Matt Cooper here.


“We outruck most teams” according to Liam Toland.

Not last Saturday, pal.