The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


It’s not complicated. When Ireland were carrying the ball they were struggling to make any significant yardage because the English tacklers were winning the tackle collision. This leads to slower rucks, more players needed to secure the ruck and the English defensive line being able to aggressively target the next Irish runners.

Has this lost you?


Well, according to ESPN stats we had 138 rucks on Sat vs 82 from England so I suppose you could still say we out-rucked them. Normally, this possession game wears down the opposition and leads to scores. Not on Saturday though - the English defence was superb.


Schmidt had a mental breakdown Saturday night


As long as we win the battle of the breakdown …


Joe discussing our lack of dominant tackles now.




That Molloy gee bag? A man head over heels in love with himself


Are you talking about choke tackles? When did thag term change. Its hard to keep track of the terminology.

Rog had a doozy there on newstalk as i was coming back from town. “Attacking Wrinkles”


No I’m not talking about choke tackles.


wednesday night rugby with banterist john “johnny” ward, a random lesbian and a “journalist” from saturday’s indo should be epic


Genuine question here pal.

What are attack wrinkles


It’s like New Zealand here now. The Ireland rugby team are the standard bearers for sport on the island, the people’s team. We win 18 out of 19 tests, lose one to another top quality side and everybody goes nuts. That’s the level Irish rugby is at now. We’re expected to win every test and nothing less is accepted.


It takes him 3 minutes to ask a question that could be put in 30 seconds. He loves the sound of his own voice and almost begs his subject for validation


What context was it used?


England had lovely attack wrinkles in the first few minutes


Not sure - maybe variations around a similar shape/structure


I googled it and got oil of ulay type adverts


Listening to OTB am here — is it true CJ Standing played 62 mins with two fractures - to the cheek and eye socket??? That’s fucking disgusting from the IRFU.


It’s Schmidt mate, he’s where the blame lies.


Matt Cooper was giving out about the crowd as well lads. He said when the teams came out for the game there were 30k empty seats.

Also giving out about a mass exodus at the end.

Is this true?