The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Fuck off with this staying til the end. The gloating roar of the other team’s supporters as another one flies over is too much for me. The only reason I’d stay on is if your team had at least one hatchet man who would try and even the score in his own way. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.


I couldn’t tell you to be honest. I was rushing to my seat from the bar just as the anthems were finishing.


Cooper seemed to think this was disrespectful to this great Irish team and had an affect on the performance. Even asking his guests if it could be attributed to the result. Quinlan and Tomas OLeary both swerved it


The hatchet man who lowers the blade after youve lost is the biggest loser of them all


I always stay til the end unless ive fucked off to wrexham on Stephens day when the entire in law clan are over for dinner and ive implied that i was nipping out for a quick pint and would be home by four.


Im glad you enjoyed the day. The rugby lads do good hospitality. Ive never not enjoyed it. They make good after dinner speakers.


A mark of a shite supporter.


Ooooft, being a called a shite supporter. You wont come back from that.


You’re not the one playing the game mate. You’re not a winner when they win or a loser when they lose


It was a general comment. If you take defeat with a shrug of the shoulders then it mustn’t mean much in the first place.


It has cut me deep and forced me to re-evaluate my hard-core supporter status.




How many switched on for the last 20 mins to have a good laugh?


Like the English soccer team, people love to see them getting beat




Il take this one Tim. Joe Schmidt was treating this like a league game against Laois or someone. Trying a few bits. I heard they trained hard on Saturday morning


He was crying at the time, the bitter tears that come with a 6n defeat. Hopefully he has someone to put the arm around the shoulders


Lookit pal you just need to accept the result. We lost. We will have better days and we will learn from this. But the bitter stuff above just isn’t rubby. You’re letting the side down


he couldn’t have tried it during one of the myriad of pre season friendlies they already played no?


Murray came off on 77 and Sexton on 80… What was the point in that?