The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


England’s jackals dominated the corridor of power.


Do you think the planned subs is a good way to work? ) @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac said they were pre-planned to the minute) - Surely this is one area where management should be able to adapt as the game unfolds …


Sure it’s no wonder with all the Rugby Haterz tuning in with their note books and pens for their post match analysis.


While the rugby lovers swilled beers down their necks, missing the start and left early to get a good seat in the pub to enjoy their guffawing all the better


Less than a big football game


My notes read -

Kick ball to England - England kick ball to Ireland — Ireland kick ball to England ---- England kick ball to Ireland — Bish, bang wallop - try … Kick ball to England, England kick ball to Ireland. Ireland kick ball to England. Bish, bang, wallop - Try.


There is no room for variation in the process. Don’t play the game in front of you. Box kick or loop pass, doesn’t matter what the defense is doing, or if you are being beaten in the “tackle collisions, dominant tackles”. Run it up the middle or kick it back to them.

Zebo was too much of a loose canon for Joe. He wants good little boys that will do as they are told


Zebo isnt good enough at that level mate - Not as a 15 anyway.

Why not put Larmour in there if you are going to go down that road – he’s the future.

Did we Rob our self of Henshaw in the centre by that experiment? Would he have made a difference?


He’d be a damn sight better than Henshaw was in a bind. Agreed on Larmour. He wasn’t put in because he wasn’t trusted, as he wasn’t used in any of the pre season friendlies.

Joe trusts Henshaw. I think Henshaw is a damn sight better than Bundee in the centre. Bundee was atrocious against England.


Just as an update for the many fans roaring (squealing) for Donnacha Ryan. Hes injured and hasnt played in months. Im sure he would be in the mix otherwise


It hurts kid. I get that. But there will be another day


Sure what in the fuck would he know about it


I’m asking you.


This could be a blessing in disguise for us. A bad six nations would refocus the mind coming into the World Cup and take the pressure off


I have only seen Racing a handful of times this season. Any reason zebo isnt playing full back for them in the big games? If he was Im sure he would be in Joes thoughts


If bundee gets dropped in time ,he can play for someone else at the world cup.


You were telling me about some madcap theory one of the new fans had?


Hundred percent kid


Its all bookended then with lads of Samoan, polynesian descent embracing knowing that they are the real winners as the twitterati wax lyrical about team of us and 800 years of hurt etc.


RTE went and gave high praise to Van der Flier in their ratings … As a No. 7 myself, I thought he was heroic in defence - got through some amount of tackles - but offered very little when we had the ball. If O’Brien was fit, we should have started him.