The Anti Rugby Football Thread Pt 2


Estaban is showing his True Colours.


Gil has come out swinging here. This has been hurting him. His false god has let him down.


this is the rugby crowds modus operandi.

Let me give you a bit of my Rugby history. I played with Young Munster from the age of 12 all the way up to Youth. I was a regular match day fan for AIB matches, even the early days of Munster, when i used to doss off school to go the Heineken cup matches on a Wednesday afternoon because Thomond didn’t have floodlights. We’d jump the wall to get in.

I stopped going, and lost all interest in Rugby when they attempted to make the pre-match and half time entertainment bigger than the game, because the game has become such a poor spectacle.

I will still attend some Midleton and Cobh Pirates games when I get the chance. It’s great to see it at the grass roots.


Congrats about that.

You have now spent days of your life here now posting away about it though. Other lads can have a little wum and “roll away”. You are absolutely demented by it all. Reevaluate what you do with your spare time.


Few bullet points there kid nobody asked for your autobiography?

Iv only ever seen you talking rameis about the rubby


I’m getting paid vast amounts of money while I do this kid.

It says a lot about the rugby set that a fella who doesn’t really have any interest is more perturbed by a loss at home to England than actually rugby lads.


I felt the need to, because as usual, instead of engaging with the subject, yourself and Tim have been quick with the personal insults.


Typical rubby fan so…ewan was right about you


Did you? Apologies if I am living rent free in your head


@Esteban_de_la_Sexfac You have them rattled to fuck here, while at the same time making yourself the most prominent Rugby man on the forum after @chocolatemice, Well, since @dancarter died.


They are rolling over getting their bellies tickled here, mate.

I’d have been yellow carded for not wrapping my arms in the tackle at this stage if it was a game of rubby.

All we are getting here from the rubby set is the ah sure, lookit defence.

@tallback is actually the most knowledgeable rubby poster here, but I’m afraid he has become too wrapped up in the lexicography of the modern game. He needs to get back to basics, forget about “collision tackles” and kick it for touch every now and again


The above two posts are a good example of why this forum is dying on its feet.

The type of simpletons who think Colm and Jim Jim is quality humour.


Fuck off you boring cunt


Oh the irony


Tallback is grand, but he’s drank the kool-aid as well. Schmidt has them all hoodwinked. Its fascinating to watch.


I was hoodwinked myself, sure. He’s gone after the World Cup anyway. I wonder if the fact he’s going has any impact on the performances.

Leo might lead Ireland to a World Cup in 2023


You nearly had a meltdown when I was giving an opinion on a game I didn’t care about yesterday and here you are now doing the same for days


That was yesterday. The internet moves quickly


Hes busy backtracking. Its a lovely read.


Good to hear mate, I thought you were on the verge of leaving us again