The Cager Thread on Twitter: “20-year-old knocked off bicycle in “critical condition” after collision involving truck driver” / Twitter

Sure he looks straight in to camera one as hes frog marching me man to the river

Surely the bigger issue here is an adult videoing school girls



What about the pedestrian that was knocked over by the moped? Do you only care about cyclists?

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Im advocating daily for safety for active travel mate



could you forward this article to the Limerick Leader please

COP 27 special editorial: The world is burning and we can no longer afford to wait to act -

160kmh drug driver who nearly hit cyclist and oncoming cars in garda chase avoids jail -

I quite enjoyed that. I’m surprised it hadn’t gotten a single like.

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Haven’t heard from that simpleton for a while.

Declan Varley on Twitter: “Pedestrian (40s) dies after being struck by car in Galway overnight” / Twitter


These pedestrians really have lost the run of themselves lately

Nacker in the car. This is what you’re dealing with. Not much for the cyclist to do only laugh at him.