The Cancer Thread


Hope it works out @AppleCrumbled and @iron_mike, stay strong for the family


Man that is rough.

I lost my Dad, auntie and uncle in the space of six years and I thought I had it bad.

All the best over the next few days with your uncle. One thing is for sure - that shit toughens you up like no other.


Cheers pal, he died in the UK, probably a couple of weeks before the funeral, tough on my father as my mother only passed away in April.


Sorry to hear all that mate – That’s very tough.


And were all of the passings down to the bug?


Yeah, breast cancer for my mother and her sister (their mother died of it too), throat cancer for one uncle, lung cancer for the other and liver cancer for my father in law.
My brother had a shot of it as well!!




sorry to hear that @AppleCrumbled and @iron_mike. Best wishes to you and hope the outcome is positive. And sorry for your loss too @Mullach_Ide. I doubt there is anyone anywhere who hasnt been affected by it in some way. My mother fortunately beat it a few years ago and is all good now thankfully. Just found out my father has some bit of bother with cancerous tumours of somesort but I think its been spotted early enough so hopefully minor procedures will fix that quickly.


Best wishes @iron_mike. Thoughts are with ya


Thanks Phil.


Signing in. Truly sorry to here what forum members & families are going through. I lost my dad to it three years ago and now my wife’s da is going through intensive treatment for lung cancer. The knock on effects for families are difficult. Positive attitude, positive outlook. As a side note did anyone see the clip of a member of the public phoning up cancer uk and asking them how they were using funds donated to them over the last few years.


Important to get the bloods done lads for the sake of 50quid. It’s just good practise. We’re all at the mercy of it. Always prepare


Sorry to hear that, pal. Didn’t hear until now.


A fella at work told me I should do this. Get the bloods taken once or twice a year and then they have a baseline to compare subsequent tests to and it helps to detect abnormalities much more quickly.


Got mine done in the Spring, will be getting it done once more before Christmas.
Having kids changes everything.


Beat it @iron_mike !! nuff said!


Well cunts,

Big week ahead. Meeting with the consultant on Tuesday. I’ll be going through a course of radium and chemo before surgery. I have decided to log my little adventure on this thread as it gives me an outlet to be honest and open with a bunch of strangers without having to explain myself.
Am anxious to start my assault on this cunt.
Will get the head shaved during the week. Don’t think the wife can handle waking up to clumps of hair on the bed.
But feeling well and positive. I have been told that this is treatable and curable. So fuck it let’s do this.
@habanerocat, I will be relying on you to upload a few good movies over the next while.
Remember mindless violence and action are the order of the day.
Let’s do this.


@iron_mike, shocked to hear that news. The very best of luck for the weeks and months ahead.


You’ll be grand. There’s too much badness and awkwardness in you to lie down.


Best of luck Mike