The Cancer Thread


Best wishes @iron_mike, I’m sure you’ll live up to your name and kick this bastards ass.


Ah shite @iron_mike thats shit news pal. Be strong mate, we’re here here for you.


Best of luck Mike. Unbelievable strides have been made in recent years. Hopefully they’ll be to your benefit.
All the best to your family member @AppleCrumbled


It is terrifying. I lost my Dad to it, although he was elderly. A big strong farmer reduced to skin and bone.

It all depends on where it is. His tumour was on the secondary wind pipe off the main wind pipe into his lungs. No hope.

He gave up the smokes 40 years previously.

My auntie on the other side had bowel cancer but came through it and is fine now.


Like this


Jesus best wishes @iron_mike. Thoughts and prayers with you and family


Best wishes and prayers to @AppleCrumbled and family .


Best wishes to @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled.


or like this?


My uncle died today, that’s my mother, her sister, 2 uncles and my father in law in the space of three years. My mother pleading with the palliative nurse not to sedate her the night before she died will haunt me forever, a cunt of a disease.


RIP , sympathy to you and your family .


God rest them all.

I’m booking a health screen the next few days I’m off. I’m getting shook just reading this thread.


Goes without saying I’m wishing for a better outcome for @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled.


I wouldn’t. Now’s not a good time.


Deepest sympathies mate.


Sorry for your loss @Mullach_Ide

Fucks sake mike, you’re the soundest man in this kip, batter the fuck out of this cursed shit and I’ll pay for the Italian strippers for the night out after


Just awful. Look after yourself.


So sorry for your loss


Sympathies pal


RIP thats a heavy load to bearv