The Cancer Thread


And hoover up hundreds of handy likes ya cunt!




Best of luck Mike


@iron_mike best of luck, if you play this right you’ll be an admired poster in a month.


Best of luck chief…be a thick cunt with it and you will get it done


All the very best.


The very best of luck @iron_mike


Best of luck @iron_mike. My auld lad is getting radium in Vincent’s at the moment so if you’re gonna be there in the next few weeks and want to chat hurling with a Cork man who despises Frank Murphy then drop me a PM


I’m heading for the centre of excellence in blaahland kid. So I’ll be telling everyone how I loves me county.


Good luck Mike. Beat the bastard.


Best of luck Mike.


Best of luck to you Mike…


Good luck @iron_mike.Hope all goes well for ye.


Still trying to make it all about you @Mac you heartless cunt.


Only seeing this news now, good wishes to anyone facing confrontation with this insidious disease.
More fuckers to be added to the “I must light a candle /say a prayer for” list.
Keep strong lads.


All the best @iron_mike




That was too cuntish. Apologies @mac


@iron_mike best of luck bud

Keep us updated here or via PM. You’re a good sort and hope everything works out alright.

You might as well Hoover up the likes . I got nearly a hundred out of a few posts for my wife having a miscarriage. You deserve significantly more than that



You’re an awful fucker.

I didn’t see it but it’s fair to say I’d expect nothing less from you