The Cancer Thread


A lot of the bald lads will be seething at this cc @artfoley

Looking forward to you posting your first visit to the barber for a short back and sides @iron_mike. Best of luck and lash out on here all you need to


It was mild.


Tipperary, Cork, Waterford, Kilkenny, Galway

Add @iron_mike’s cancer to the things we’ve beat this year.

Best of luck, pal.


Good luck Mike. :+1:


Have to beat it @iron_mike, just no two ways about it. Too important not to be around. Smash it pal!


All the best @iron_mike. Give it everything


Ah no I’m grand with that TUM. It’s lads who haven’t come to terms with the relentless March of male pattern baldness like bandage and TSG who will be fuming.


We’re all in your corner @iron_mike, you’ll face it down.


Jockstrap McFuckwit or whatever he was called is likely to be overtaken by @iron_mike in the near future.
A good start to the programme Mike. TFK at it’s finest. We’re for you buddy.


All the best with it mate, great to hear the prognosis is positive.
I’m sure you are getting good advice already, but nutrition is critical to help offset the effects of chemo.


Fennel tea apparently is a cure all


Good luck mike . Beat the cunt .


And a big bag of weed


@carryharry and @feck_it will sort him.


It was even mildly funny in a quirky fashion.


He flushed out a lurker in the likes as well. Who the fuck is @guttenberg ?


Another Limerick lurker cunt


Sounds like a song title “limerick, you’re a lurkeerr”


Best of luck mike


Sing that in a Dolores O’Riordan accent