The Cancer Thread


A blindboy accent


You’ll give it a dog’s batin’ @iron_mike, it’ll be like Seamie Flanagan on Cahalane below in Cork, like you’d bate a child long go


Iron Mike needs that cunt of a wexford ref.


PS @iron_mike, you know what I think so I’ll not bother repeating it, but if, in a bit of boredom, you happen to watch a film set in alaska on Netflix called into the dark, or into the cold or something, could you possibly explain wtf it is about?
Ta bud.
Kape her lit.


I’ll keep a close lookout. Take care.


I love you @iron_mike… And you better be right for March when Limerick visit for a vital league clash… Because I’m fucked if I’m paying for a B & B


Best of luck @iron_mike my dad is heading up to Vincent’s for his treatment at the end of month. It’s a bloody curse of a disease and far too common unfortunately.


Hold the dark. Strange one alright.


That’s the one.


Reminded me of the canadian outback


Best of luck to you @iron_mike. Get well soon


Hadn’t opened this thread in a while. Sorry to hear that Mike and hope it goes well for you


Indeed. @iron_mike I’ll be in to see you anyway kid, let me know if you want me to bring a splif :wink: