The Cancer Thread


You get a new found respect for your parents when you see them going through this sort of shit. In and out of Vincent’s every day for 8 odd weeks and not a word of complaint from him other than to tell my mother to stop fussing about him. Treatment went without a hitch and looks like he’s in the clear. He finished his treatment on the Friday and went straight back into work on the Monday and he in his 80s. Retirement in his view is cutting back from full time to 2 days a week. The work ethic of the older generation could teach the snowflakes a lot.


Such a difference between that age and now.

There have been such changes when you think about it. My auntie, in her 90s, was asked recently what has changed between when she was growing up and now.

‘Well - everything’.

Again - doesn’t make a fuss about it and just gets on with it. Asks me to look up stuff for her on the Internet.


Great news @Mac

Keep on hooping @iron_mike

I love you guys


I remember the time I realised my Dad was in very bad health. We were throwing turf back into the shed and he stopped after about five minutes for a rest. He was 83 at the time and I never saw him take a rest from manual work before in my life. Turns out he had a tumour on his lung and was dead in six months.


Best wishes.


I fucking hate this thread. Best of luck to you all lads. A cunt abomination of thing.


My dad is home 3 weeks now from his operation and thankfully he’s over the worst of it now but seeing what this disease does to people is heartbreaking. He was active man all his life and wouldn’t know how to take it easy. It’s incredibly difficult to watch a parent struggle and probably made me realise the hardship I put my parents through at times when I was younger.


All the best pal.


You would want to have a good look at yourself in the mirror


You’d have Incredible respect for nurses after it.


As opposed to before? Best wishes to your dad


I never really experienced anything like this in my life.


Will you shake e-hands with @glasagusban ?


I’ve no problem with him at all.


You’re a great young man. You’re self and @Copper_pipe are a credit to Limerick and to young people in general.


Someone took advantage of their situation. Got them to carry coke looks like.


Hit my mam about ten years ago but she got through it. I’m sure your Dad will bounce back


are you riddled with cancer?




The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.

You are afraid.