The Cancer Thread


I’d imagine a sack of piss like yourself has never experienced either


You are weak, that is nothing to be afraid of. Death comes to us all. What does it matter how a man falls.


Quite the assumption to make


it is to be fair.

I’ll stick with it for the time being.


I Wish him well .


Bump @iron_mike :clap:

Well played.


Only seeing this now. Sorry for your troubles.


Only seeing this now Mike. Really hope all is going well.


Things are great chief. Thanks for asking


Sorry to hear about your Dad. I really hope all goes well for him.




@iron_mike I’ve been avoiding this thread with good reason and opened it by accident there earlier. Curiosity started me reading and i saw your posts. I am delighted for you.

Reading through this site you typically scan the profile pic/username before the post and that subconsciously sets up your opinion of what’s to follow before you’ve even read it… and you are rarely let down by that.

When I spot the head of Houla one thing jumps into my mind - genuine. You’re a genuine sort and that comes across in your contributions here. I wish you and your family the best.


Wtf are you on about. @iron_mike is the biggest fraud on the forum. He’d a bit of a belly ache a few weeks ago and let his imagination run wild. Chemo me hole.


Good luck with the cancer @glenshane.






Congrats mate, delighted for you.


Good man Mike,
@Mammyinatracksuit is starting her chemo on Thursday, wasn’t suited to the trial thing she was hoping for.


Still have to undergo the surgery in March but the chemo and radium have been a total success.


I wish her all the very best