The Cancer Thread


great news a chara


Hon Limerick


Smashing news mate.
Celebratory tea ?



Well done Mike.


It’s the wife’s birthday kid. We might have to upgrade to a Beshoffs.


Best to all involved ,beat the bastard cancer,lost a son 13 yrs ago,and my brother last year ,but both fought it to the v end,mother was dying of it and ran a 7k race a few months earlier,6 weeks b4 my brother died he fulfilled a goal,with his wife behind him in the car,he cycled 100 miles without dismounting , fought the bastard all the way,human spirit is unbelievable,I wish all the vvv best


Jesus. That’s a heavy cross to bear.


Every family goes through it,I’m lucky I know it mightn’t be too popular to say but I’ve great faith,didn’t have but without it I’d have ended up in the nut house,and thank you, TBH ref youngest he was in Derry I was in Cork,so his mother bore all the hardship,and my kids up there,but God is good


I doubt geography made it any easier. Some families get more than their fair share. Your faith must be strong when you still have it after all that.


Good man👏 You’ll be hopping off the ground come championship time


Yes got it back after that


Outstanding news!


I hope it goes well for your mum.


Super news Mike.


Great spirit. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you,cancers a beast but can be beaten


You are a good skin


Not the best Mike, trying boy


That’s all any of us can do pal is try.


Keep her lit boy