The Cancer Thread


Signing in again.

Big, bad cunt of a cancer this time, diagnosed the same day as poor Joe Player passed away.

I’m after spending most of the last 3 months in my bed as sick as s flight to Lourdes, and being treated with a very aggressive course of chemo. Ihave arisen from the dead 4 times and slept through most of Christmas.This week I am at my most well since September. Building up fitness and conditioning now for surgery.

Oncology is incredible; I’d be dead by now if it were not for James’s. Be the best version of yourself you’re able to be every day…


Very best of luck to you pal, keep up the fight we are all behind you.


Fuck … . Sounds very tough. And here’s me feeling sorry for myself due to a hip injury. Best of luck with it all and keep the good fight going.


Wishing you all the strength and luck in the world, pal. Hope surgery goes well.


thoughts and wishes are with you and yours fella.


Puts everything in perspective. We should cherish what we have today. Worrying about what might happen in the future is such a waste of time. Keep fighting, best wishes to you and your family.


Sorry to see this news but hey! you’re getting the best care. You just gotta dig in for the battle but remember there’s an amalgam of daft cunts here you are with you every step.

Best of luck and good health going forward.


All the best mate take care


God bless mate

Keep fighting


All the best @Portumna_Bridge


I’m sorry to hear this horse but you seem to have a very positive attitude and outlook. Between that and the fine people in James’s, you can see this down. Gaillimh Abu.


Best of luck, bucko.


All the best kid.


Best wishes chief.


All the best PB.


Best of luck with the journey ahead.


All the best @Portumna_Bridge , keep fighting pal.


Fuck. Just fucking fuck. Good luck with everything. And if there’s ever anything we can do don’t hesitate to shout. We’re rooting for you.


Unleash the Tony Keady on it pal. Head up and drive on. Please God the operation will be a success. Keep us updated.


Best wishes to you and your family .