The Cancer Thread


Best wishes @Portumna_Bridge :crossed_fingers::+1:


Hope you stay healthy


great for heating up chinese take aways


Don’t tell @TreatyStones that you are reheating rice


Best wishes mate, here’s hoping see the Liam McCarthy and Sam Maguire cross the Shannon on multiple occasions, and live a long and rewarding life.


Been doing it 25 years. Sometimes I reheat it twice. It’s a load of bollix that rice can’t be reheated


Seems to be doing you no harm


Father in law had a large tumour removed from his stomach yesterday but they found a lot more on the liver which is inoperative so it’s just time they’re giving him now but they’ve no idea how long as yet. It’s a horrible situation as he’s a gent and he only beat prostate cancer a couple of years ago.


Do you use a mobile phone?


Very rarely


Sorry tp hear that Art.


That’s shit art.

Sorry to hear that


Terrible sorry art


Jesus Art you guys have had a bad run. Sorry to hear that.


You must have arms like Adonis carrying the laptop around to post on here all the time so.


Its a cunt when it comes back around, dealt with something similar over the past year and there’s no good end to it. Best of luck.


That’s a tough one @artfoley. Sorry to hear that.


Sure is. The poor man is a medical marvel though he’s survived a lot of shit medically in the past including losing 2/3 of his stomach in his 20s, having a superfluous pacemaker fitted and surviving when the thing went haywire.

So death has a fight on its hands


Sorry to hear that .


Sadly a family member has been diagnosed with this bastard of a disease. I couldn’t get over the coldness of the doctors. I guess they become so used to it. It Turns people’s world upside down.