The Cancer Thread


sorry to hear that mate




Which version and what age?


Horrible news to get. Once treatment is proposed and everyone gets their head around it it’ll not be so bad. Sorry to hear.
Sometimes people can get the absolute worst of news before they get the best of news. Plenty have beaten long odds.


Prostate and 68. It’s a rapid form so the operation may not be an option.


The ould fella had it there and in the bladder last few years, had several courses of chemo without getting rid of it. Had the op last year, has the bag now but definitely a new lease of life for him.


Lot of cancers now are treated like chronic illnesses rather than terminal. Best of luck to him


That’s shit news. Really shit. Sorry to hear it.


It’s definitely something that would be on your radar as you turn 40.

2 fellas in their 40s I’d know were both diagnosed with bowel cancer recently, One diagnosed early one not so early… The outcome for the latter is touch and go. Whereas the other lad will get away with an operation that should address it.

I reckon every fella should have a Colonoscopy once they hit the 40, nothing to lose.


Sorry to hear.


Sorry to hear that. As other have pointed out, it’s not the death sentence it once was and becoming more treatable every day.

Hope the treatment goes well


Dreadful news, I wish them all the best.

I’ve had a family member who beat lung cancer recently, so there is always hope.


Agree, and 100% if a relative on either side of the family had it.


Sorry to hear that Apple.Best wishes to your family pal. Hope it’s something that’s manageable And that things look more positive down the line


Sorry to hear that mate, hope he’s well.

Sorry for your trouble too @AppleCrumbled

Whats the cancer rate in ireland now, someone was telling me its 50% one of the highest in europe but im not sure was that accurate


Ya just over the last few days I’ve realised the amount of pePole I know with it. It’s frightening.


Yeah not too much in my family, touch wood, dodgy hearts though. The public health service in ireland is often just as frightening.


Thanks lads.


Sorry to hear that.


Thanks fagan.