The Cancer Thread


Sorry to hear that chief…

Cancer is a cunt


Hope it all works out @AppleCrumbled


+1 to that.

Easily said, but try remain positive @AppleCrumbled - I’ve had a couple of uncles/aunts pass away from cancer (despite my auld fella donating marrow) but I was too young to appreciate what was happening. It’s a cunt of a thing but we are in a far better place re treatment now than we were just even 5 years ago. Keep the positive vibes going.


Sorry to hear that @AppleCrumbled


Thanks mice.


Chin up @AppleCrumbled.

Hope the person gets well


Could be wrong on this, but my own personal experience would be that I hear a lot more cases of cancer and things going wrong for fellas in their 40’s than fellas in their 50’s. Probably something to do with 50 somethings having come to terms with their own mortality and looking after themselves better. We all still feel invincible at 40, that we’re 10-15 years younger than we are and we can still live to excess like we did in our 20’s. Doctor mate of mine drilled it into me for years that once you turn 40, get a full medical check every year. I’ve heeded that advice and thankfully nothing too major has shown up so far.

Husband of a good friend of my missus diagnosed with stomach cancer a few weeks ago. Early 40’s, two kids early teens. Its in his lymph nodes and not looking good. Don’t know the chap terribly well, only met him a few times but he’s a decent fellow.

Sorry to hear about your own bad news @AppleCrumbled.


Thanks Geoff.


There are no words of comfort @AppleCrumbled. Awful news.


Thanks Fenway hope your keeping well.


You hear some stories about people paying fortunes for medical checks in the blackrock clinic and the likes and cancer or growths being missed. Where or what is the check up to get?


Hope they make a full recovery.


Have a good friend who’s a radiation therapist and I could never get used to how casually she would describe the most awful cases. Completely matter of fact. I guess it’s the only way they can do that job as it would destroy them otherwise. Very sorry to hear about your situation. It changes everything.


In all fairness if you are a prostate specialist, your job largely involves sticking your fingers up elderly men’s holes. I’d imagine it’s hard enough to work on a personality in that environment


Do they still do that manually, thought they’d have switched to digital by now


Very sorry to hear mate. Keep the head up and hopefully you and your family get the outcome you hope and pray for.


I’m sorry to hear that @AppleCrumbled Hopefully they’re early in diagnosis, and hope treatment goes well. My own father had it, but was not treated in time, when there were no centres of excellence.

Get your PSA score once you hit 40. I had a row with my GP who said what would you be bothered with that and you so young. I have to get a blood test every 4 months and I write it on the blood sample envelopes myself, and always get a print out of all my scores from my haemotologist…


Here Kid
Puts in to perspective the shite we post on here.
Hope all bodes well


Best wishes to you and your family member @AppleCrumbled.


Thanks lads.