The Cancer Thread


Like most here it’s darkened my door with a close relative but thankfully had a positive outcome keep the faith


Unfortunately in my experience when it comes to cancer there’s no rule book,
Sorry to hear the bad news @AppleCrumbled


Sorry for your bad news @AppleCrumbled , hope it works out for the positive.


Sorry to hear that @AppleCrumbled. Keep the head up lad. We’ve all been here with this, so it’s just been there for the person and plenty of support.


Signing fucking in lads


Ah here.


Shit Mike hope all is well.


No. Ah fuckin hell man.


May ring Kiely. Need a game plan


Jesus mike.thats rough. Best of luck


Ah jaysus sorry to hear that @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled.
Remember Limerick men don’t know when to stay down :+1:

Also @iron_mike @Rocko beat cancer and got about 60 likes so you’ve that to look forward to :muscle:


Holy fuck, best of wishes, hope all is ok

Look after yourself mate


Hope it’s caught early Mike. Best wishes.


Sorry for your troubles @iron_mike & @AppleCrumbled. If this year has taught us anything though it’s that we can get the right result. :fist:


Tough one @iron_mike , best of luck with it.


Best wishes @iron_mike.


Plenty of time for the next few weeks yo analyse the fuck out of the All Ireland and send a 236 page game plan for next year


Sorry to hear that pal. Hope all works out for ya


Chin up @iron_mike I’ve no doubt you’ll beat the bastard


Best of luck to @iron_mike kilkennys finest