The Cancer Thread


Fuckin hell sorry to hear that @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled. My auld lad is about to start radium treatment for prostate cancer. We’re told it’s very early stage so high chance of success. Hopefully. It’s a cunt of a disease.


Good luck @iron_mike.


All the best @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled


Fuckin hell @iron_mike. Good luck and fight hard. I’ll keep an eye on the early risers thread and make sure them cunts aren’t claiming this as some sort of victory.


Good luck to ye both @iron_mike and @AppleCrumbled

Tough news for anyone.


I’d add my best wishes to you both.


@iron_mike I love you bro.


Fuck sake, I avoid this thread for other reasons but I’m genuinely sorry to hear that Mike and AC. Hopefully it will pass from both your doors soon.


You’re still a cunt


Ah lads thats shocking news. Wishing @iron_mike a swift recovery and same to your uncle @AppleCrumbled


Very sorry to hear this @iron_mike

Get on with fighting it and keep talking here.
Croke Park, Sunday 25th August 2019 is the date to keep in mind as we defend Liam McCarthy


Best of luck @iron_mike


That is in fact scheduled to be the day the SuperDubs win five in a row.

Sincere best wishes and strength to all forum members who have either been personally diagnosed or have had a loved one diagnosed with cancer.

@AppleCrumbled @artfoley @iron_mike


@iron_mike thinking of you and hoping that all will be well…


I’m giving that one a like as you deserve a nice post out of this but not for the original.

Really fucking sorry to hear this Mike. You’ve had a tough few years and you still come back in here in good form. I’ve never met you but we see eye to eye on many things

When you kick the shit out of this, I’ll buy you that snack box before Tipp v Limerick next summer


Cancer is the one thing that scares me.


Life can really suck at times. Best of luck @iron_mike


Stay positive @iron_mike, you’ll leather the head off the cunt.



Ah fuck it I give up. How do you post a GIF


Cancer just got @iron_mike. You’ll walk all over the cunt yet.

Best wishes to you and @AppleCrumbled