The Canine Corner


Jackson chilling at the gym


That’s a gorgeous dog


Just fucking pick it up.


are you sure it’s a dog and not just your neighbours?


Two smashing lads there Kev and @mick_jones



He’s not living in Limerick any more mate, it’s Deffo a dog.




Is that his cage behind the empty bog roll?


You could be right. They’re animals up here mate.


It’s a crate and that’s from paper towel. Puppies love chewing on them…


He is a lovely ball of fur in fairness.

Are ye city dwelling? Do ye own the house?


I’m minding a miniature Yorkie for the week. The youngest lad drew a boot on it earlier, now they are sworn enemies. The dog kept lurking around trying to nip his toes.


Some beautiful dogs on show here

Well in guys


Duplex house… Which was one of the reasons we nearly didn’t get him. We’ve a fairly big balcony and have the pet loo arriving tomorrow. (Artificial grass with removable tray underneath and sprinkler type system for cleaning) … They are very happy indoors once exercised well. They are very clever dogs - we don’t have him a week and he’s sitting, lying, giving the paw and today he started walking to the door to let us know he has to shite… Just the bladder left now and we are laughing.


And the nipple chewing.
Or was that you?
I can’t remember.


He may have learned from me…


I bet he learned rolling over and showing her the belly for a tickle from you too.