The Canine Corner


I’m smitten…


Say hello to Harley


What a needy thread. Ffs stick to bookface for pictures of your dogs/kids/dinner/best boyfriend ever.
Shower of cunts.


Hello Harley




That would make a great gif. With a fast moving car to come along and drive that horrid cunt of a dog 80 foot into the air.
Or else just mow the fucker down.


You’re very angry these days buddy. Have the old hags in the tax office mugged you off again?


He’s been screaming out for attention for a couple of weeks now. Post Christmas blues no doubt.


lovely dog


He’s like a fucking cat. Wants all your attention when it suits him. He’ll fuck off soon enough and get fed somewhere else and then prance back in here expecting everyone to give him what he wants. Cunt.


That’s a factor. Along with a severe chest infection after the flu. It’d also AGM season for our union.
Running around trying to tidy up bits and bobs before I get ripped apart at the top table.


You are the top table pal. Stay calm and don’t be insulting lovely little doggies.


very happy to give that number 20


The dogs are grand. It’s the fucking attention seeking arseholes that own them I have the issue with.
Especially that nutcase from Cork that has a potentially dangerous animal lounging around a business area. The insurance providers would love that I’m sure.
It’s so so professional too.


On a scale of 1-10 exactly how unhappy are you?


Is he a rottie @caoimhaoin?

Amongst the most placid breed of dogs I’ve ever spent time around.

Have you a dog Brimmer? Stick a photo up pal and we’ll all give you a like and when you get that “nice reply” all will be fine with the world


Rotti/German Shep/Lab

Rotti’s are unbelievable dogs. So so loyal and total slobs.

Absolutely brilliant with kids


That’s correct. I read something before that the three best breeds with kids are retrievers, boxers and rotties.

He’s an absolute beaut Kev. I’m back in Limerick walking my fella and all my worries have disappeared straight away


That would make sense to me.

My old German Shepard was outstanding as well.

Dogs are so balancing

You’d be off your head not to have one around


I’m on top of the world today Kev. Finished my course of amoxicillin this morning and actually have a bit of energy for the first time since Jan 7th.
I’ve two (2) AGM minutes just written up just now that I was putting on the long finger and am quite happy over a stroke I’ve pulled in one of them ( Gaa related) regarding a transfer and a dodgy signature.
They’d have to be up early to catch Brimmer. The cunts.
I’m off into the Dome later for a bit of S & C with one of my 2018 teams. Looking forward to it now.
If 1 is miserable all the time I’m a number 9 tonight.
(one point deducted because it’s still January.)
If 10 is miserable all the time I’m about 2 because it’s only Tuesday.