The Canine Corner


Mary I is great. Baggot Estate in ballinacurra is a nice spot too


Pain in the hole when you’re walking her though and she’s stuck to the wall, actually trembling when you’ve a lot of traffic.


Ya that will come. Very hard to adjust other way around.

Alot of farmers and dog breeders used to put pups in a box in middle of the road or on a traffic island in the past. Make them aftaid of the noise of cars


My fella can still get anxious on Dock Road, and he’s six so I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s a very noisy environment for them


I hope he doesn’t be cutting in.



when you moving here pal to experience it in its full glory?


Work in progress.


Bobby out for the count here.


Dogs are the best


Looks to me like you’ve suffocated him.


The dog that was occasionally shitting in the front of my house has upped the ante and has shat there three times in a week now. Repellant not deterring the cunt or not being put down fast enough after rain. I’m fuming here, absolutely seething.


Repellant :smile:


If I could catch the sneaky little bastard I wouldn’t need repellant…


Don’t get so upset. Just step around it.


Next time let him take his shit be waiting with a Hurley,and give him a few wallops he won’t forget. That will solve it.


Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.


What would you do to it you little cunt?


Ziggy says fuck the lot of ye


Supposedly if you leave a 2 litre plastic bottle full of water lying on the lawn it deters the dog from doing his business. If you have a big lawn put down maybe 2 or 3 of them. Otherwise close the gate.


Some dogs like to chew after a shite too, pal.