The Canine Corner


Ps. Have you a dog license for that dog.


A’sponger’ :open_mouth:


Do you hate the wife that much?

Or does she despise you?


Have you a licence for that “S&C” you are going doing with are load of young lads?


“How’dyoumean a licence?”

Con Kelleher, 96FM Wind-Ups.


the angry little man routine is a front, he is hurting, he’s not coping with some issue


Any man who spends that much time away from the home for unpaid work is running from something g. That’s for sure


I have yeah. It’s printed on the same paper as your tax clearance certificate.


You have lost it

Fumbling around now steaming with anger cos you got walloped

I enjoyed that one I must say :joy::joy::joy:


He’s in an awful way.


Yeah. Ye got me lads. Got me good.
Please leave me alone now. I can’t handle the razor sharp wit and cutting jibes.


Woah now. Who said it’s unpaid ?


You did


Some of it is.
I claim some costs where the clubs/organizations can afford it.
Other than that I do it because I enjoy it. My job facilitates a lot of time for my hobbies and I can assure you I spend more time with my family than most because I’m good to manage my work-life balance.


What do you get paid for.

And be careful.

I know who you are


Sure there’s a bit of travel and an ‘equipment’ pot to also draw from.
All above board. Well it’s about as legal as your tax affairs.


You are falling all over the shop here.

All along you have been banging on about your volunteering and the fact that I was robbing gaa clubs. Yet I am totally upfront about cost. I declare it all (as I know there is cunts like you around the place jealous who would love to catch me out). I do a fully professional job everywhere.

Now you take money from some but not others???

So you are an opportunist.

And a sneaky cunt.

And also likely also bullshit if you also re doing S&C.

Not to mention the fact expenses is not being paid. Unless of course you also reread cooking the books.

I wonder how the club’s who do pay would feel if they found out others don’t?

And do you treat the clubs differently by those who pay and don’t?

And do the ones who don’t have any value in what you do? Because people do not value free stuff. At all. No matter what they say.


Lookit kev. If they hand me an envelope I’ll take it, depending on the club. Plain and simple.
What don’t you understand about it.


Is it true you drew €150 from your club to pay George Fitzgibbonthat time and you shoved it into your own arse pocket when George only wanted a mug of tae ?


How did you find out about that ?? Ffs.

George got his tae in a mug. I got my expenses.