The Canine Corner


I was talking to someone. A lot of people have it. Youd want to watch yourself


Thanks for admitting under the counter payments.

What an exposure.

Are you doing S&C with teams?


Bit of S & C
Little bit of physio too.


You should def be charging for physio work alright. But your a bit of a cunt charging the club for s+c


@caoimhaoin - he’s only winding you – he always is when it comes to this stuff - he sent me a PM a while back when I broke it up one day… best just ignore him and he’ll fuck off.


How do you edit the PMs like that ?
I’d love to know how.


Is he do you think?

He has been rumbled either way


I’m sure there’s truths in there but he seems to enjoy winding you up about the same thing over, and over, and over again.


I’m a better coach than kev and in more demand regardless of what either of us charge. It drives kev mad and I call him out on it.
There’s no winding up involved. What you see is what you get with me.


I dont give a fuck if you drop dead - stop replying to me you weird little cunt.


Calm down buddy. Go walk the dog for yourself.


He is not winding me up at all. I have been laughing at his guff ever since he exposed himself with the 1992 Handpassing game he thought was coaching.

He has chased me around since.

He has backtracked and fall over himself to new levels tonight though




Can we get back on track here lads?


Say hello to Snotser


Nice, if scruffy, trainers there


Here’s my hound from a few months back.


Hope my fella gets a few likes. He deserves them He’s the bested dog ever.


I’ll get the ball rolling there pal :smiley:


A beauty