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Thanks pal. He was a lunatic for years as we reckon someone bate the shit out of him when he was a pup, but he’s a great fella now


Here’s my young fella walking our dog yesterday evening.



Devastated my black lab Rosie passed away this morning. I’ve had her since I’m 7 and I don’t really remember too much of my life without her being around. I knew she was sick and I was going to take her to the vets tomorrow to put her down but it’s still hurt. Really sickened.


Sorry for your loss, bro.


That’s very sad fella.

You must be young enough.
She got a good long life all the same did she?


she was 16 this may. She’d a great run. Still sickened tho.


Sad to hear that.


Sorry to hear that.


We have Brady ringing a bell to let us know when he wants to loo… 11 weeks only and he’s about 98% there with it…still the v odd piss accident but he’s great.


Was her liver in good nick? I’ve been toying around with the idea of a new innovative type DIY organ transplant and I actually have a calf on its last legs this week.
If the dog is still warm I think we can do a deal.


Sad thing about you is I actually think your decent type but you try so hard to be hated it’s sad.


Ya. I’d have alot more time for someone who is just a total fucking prick


Fuck you so. You’re out of the scheme.
Is there anyone out there with a donor liver.


Sorry for your loss


brimmer is struggling to come to terms with a recent loss, its very obvious, I’d cut him some slack, he’s a great lad




It’d be a long drive from Wicklow to my back door, but fuck it, laaaaayeve it go buddy.


Very sorry for your loss mate


@ChocolateMice @caoimhaoin

Any recs for (a) pet shops and (b) a vets in Cork, ideally east cork but Cork city or even Dungarven will also do.