The Canine Corner


You won’t do better than maxi zoo really.

Vets in Ballincollig I can recommend and model farm rd. No bullshit. No hidden nonsense fees

But a bit away




Dec the vet in Douglas is a sound man… He’s in the woolen mills … Maxi zoo in Douglas also. I know nothing about East Cork.


Also, talk to greyhound people or Harrier people if you know them. They will be on the ball


Cheers lads. I had planned to go to maxi zoo anyway, but we weren’t going to drive to the city - is it very inconvenient by public transport?


Public transport wouldnt be ideal … There’s one in Douglas, bro — Just come off the link at Rochestown and into douglas – it’s in the tesco /marks and sparks building with free three story car park … Dec the vet is just behind that building …The Village Veterinary Clinic - No need to drive into city


Deise Vets around Dungarvan


Are you going to take a sick dog on the bus?


Sinead falvey in cloyne is excellent


You wouldnt do it to a dog.


Did ye kill your pussy before ye got the dog, bro?


No bro… The pussy is still bumping and grinding.



Every time I see this thread title I misread it as “The Cocaine Corner” and think of poor @padjo and his habit. Stay strong pal.


Thanks mate, taking it one day at a time…




Nice timber pile.


Arent they big into dogfight up North?


Ear to the ground has an interesting segment on sheep worrying,
Watch that collie @ChocolateMice


Brady has his first outing today lads - I’m informed it went well.

They grow up so fast.