The Canine Corner


Was he out whoring? Black dog, black puppy so they say.


No, no … just his first run outside – injections and all that behind him and he is free to go out and sniff as many dog holes as he likes now.


He’s a lovely dog.


That’s a fine dog. I’d say Princess has the hair dryer out and all styling him


He’s got a snout on him like @Mac


Thankfully, he’s a not a drunk like @Mac


Hernia operation today, pray for chaser :confused:


Jaysus she’s sulking something rotten, double whammy, neutered as well, she’d break your heart, is this normal?




She will be brand new in a few weeks


Oscar is a proper dog.


We all imagine so.


Fuck up you cunt.

Is your electricity gone again or what?


A flash is a good idea to brighten up photos you stupid cunt.


A flash would’ve put him off his stride, he was looking out the window at a female. I wouldnt do that to him.





Anyone watching Crufts. Under the Archies just put in a great round of jumping there to win the agility dog of the year section.


Lovely little lad


Just back from a lovely run around with Brady… really getting to enjoy the out doors with him now … i need to get myself a decent pair of boots tho.