The Canine Corner


You can tell a lot about a person by the type of dog they keep.:wink:


@Robert_Emmet How’s Brady keeping?


He’s shitting all over the house, the fucking animal.


He’s a rascal … an adorable little rascal.

There’s a lovely woods near me and I brought him up there both Saturday and Sunday and he loved it, running around like a loon.

Came home after work yesterday and the mrs was out and he was jumping around when I walked in and bringing his bowl to me so I thought he wasn’t fed … gave him his grub and the mrs came in and said she had fed him 20 mins ago… no harm says you … but at his age over feeding can lead to scutters… I was empty reaching this morning cleaning the kitchen.

So to answer your question, he’s ace, bro.


Ah he sounds like a lovely young fella. Delighted bro.


It’s a very emotional time watching him grow.


I can’t imagine anything that could rival it tbh.


Me either.


His scutter is notorious on three threads. And unlike Sydney he can’t even type


That’s an offfty.

As an aside … the opening 100 posts on this thread are great.


Feel quite upset at hearing news that a close pal’s dog had to have their eyes removed today. Anybody have any experience of taking care of a blind dog. Dog is only about 6 - a labradoodle so a big fella.


It needs a guide person


The world is fucked. Idiots taking care of a blind dog.


All joking aside I’d shoot it- shouldn’t be too difficult


That’s the way it’s gone nowdays.


How many people on here have multiple log ins?


Sorry. I like dogs and have had to dispatch a couple. I’d let it shuffle off it’s mortal collar


I was replying to myself.




I would have thought the same myself.