The Canine Corner


Whereabouts is the dog. I know a few people


Second part of a great documentary about Irish breeds of dogs on starting on TG4 now


Excellent. Kerry Beagles - great noses but pure stupid bastards.


Billy McGlynn talking there… He’s the older brother of mr. Chrome from the rubber bandits…


There was a great one last week.about Wolfhounds. Fascinating history


I must check it out … Love wolf hounds.


Just rang the auld lad to tell him that this is on. He’ll love it.


Think it is repeated on Sunday evening around 6pm. That’s how I saw last weeks episode


Ger loves a good hunt…


Where in Limerick is Scarteen?


Knocklog / Garryspillane way. The black and tans.


Kerry blues really get me down


Another episode of Madra na Gael about to start on tg4


Was just about to post it. The water spaniel featured this evening. Fella I knew had one before. They’re very smelly with a greasy coat, they’d stink the whole house out of it and tend to be a bit mad.
Lovely looking animals though.


Brady could choke a dog like that…he’s just the right size


Wheaton terriors on tg4 now. Hardy fuckers pulling 500+ pounds of 4 inch blocks on a cart.


The wife has just announced that ‘Chaser has paid for herself’ after I bagged up three dead mice in the back garden


Are you speaking in code?


You should put him in the attic sleeping quarters to clear them out.