The Cark Thread


id genuinely love to know what its like


Thats IVF ffs.
Acupuncture is proving better than IVF down here in our clinic.
Which may indicate stress of actually getting oregnant is half the issue.


I wouldn’t swap places with you but you are living the dream.


you have had some amount of beautiful women in fairness


It’s not for tame lads… They like a man to be a man if you know what I mean.


I’m sure if you do what you usually do you could find out.

Throw them a few quid.


Mr Ward’s heartbroken widow found love again and married a Nigerian so I get what you’re saying.


are you saying all itinerant woman are prostitutes? now now that will get you in trouble round here my friend.


No but I am sure you could find one somewhere if you looked hard enough. You must know the places to go.


Some. Would you believe me if i said i got with people as much based on personality? And aim for someone challenhing and ideally smarter than me. I find that works best. Anything else then is just timing.


Sure we don’t know till its nearly all over.

Key is to do what suits you.

No right or wrong.


id believe you kid.



Did she go back to Oz?


Yip. Couldn’t handle it here.


If you are waiting worth getting tested to make sure no issues


You avouded the obvious take down there :joy::joy::joy:
I admire that.


Ya you are probably right. No harm.


I’d say you are savage intense kev, some women can’t handle that


Not surprised. Big change and the weather would probably do your head in.