The Cark Thread


would you think about settling down at all?


Women in Cork* are decent.

*Riordans is my only real recent experience.

Women from Cork who move to Dublin can be hilariously snobby. You’re from Cork not Kensington.


Same can be said for most women who move to Dublin… See @Horsebox’s Mrs for example.


Prenderville is the go to man in Cork.


Prenderville is your typical supremely confident cork man.


Is he married???Janey.


I was in the Púcán in Galway recently at a stag.

The women - holy mother of Jaysus!


That was a hateful remark.


The go to man for old women… Anyway, he was wanked off by someone else on a plane… but I wouldn’t expect a virgin to understand engaging in sexual activity, let alone pushing it out and having highjinks on a plane.


Pre 9/11 it would have been perfectly acceptable.


Did you famously have high jinks with a tinker woman?

Or have I misremembered.


Why? To make you feel better aboit your life choices and not spend more time out and about?

I’m a man, i’m not the one under pressure. Plus young women like me, i’d say i have till around 45-47 kinda range to get sorted. The advantages of looking younger than you are.:wink:


And her sister.



Some buachaill.


Maybe not


One of the lads at home was telling a story about how he was walking by the halting site one night and noticed a tinker woman having a piss up against the caravan door. He decided that she was gamey so he wandered in.

There are some fucking beasts out there.


fair play, are you still with the australian? she was a stunner wasnt she.


whats it like kid? making love to a tinker


She is indeed.

But no, long gone.


Sleeping under the stars.