The Cark Thread


Sorry to hear that mate.


Irish government and my business were the 2 main things. But you don’t know till you do it. She gave it a whirl, a fair one as well. You know the risks.


Ah its no big deal. It was a long way from nasty. And its a good while back now. Everyone has moved on.


Ah still a balls. Better to have loved and lost etc.

If your e-persona is anything to go by the break up fight must have gone on for weeks. :sweat_smile:


It’s vile to the way you guys are mocking poor Kev here and the simple fool can’t even see it


Quite the opposite. Ahe was a good person. I’m dealing with scumbags here.

Adjust accordingly


Serious question: do you know any other words to describe something you find dreadful? It’s just your incessant use of the word ‘vile’ is overwhelming. It’s a good word, but everything in moderation, mate.


He must have missed grammar school that day.


Having a great vocabulary didn’t save the Thesaurus from extinction.


So you’re into handicaps too?


Mate?? Didn’t the people of Blackpool and Dublin Hill take you in and treat you like a son, it’s hurtful to see you dismiss all that was done for you to follow some insecure lads who’ve only ever come to our fair city to seek out prostitutes or pissed themselves in the company of a woman.

Nice post earlier on @ChocolateMice, my ma was born and reared on Barracka, (in the ironically named Prosperity Square) I did a lot of my student drinking in and around it, nice to see it featuring in the places to go rather than places to avoid list.


Absolutely despicable comment


An older man with his own business and the world seen. Like shooting fish in a fucking barrell :clap:


I know, the sick bastard


Never realised small business owners were so revered by women. Think its the independant approach and work rate they like.

Or they think you have money.


Pig and grunt come to mind.


As i said, on here you have to deal with some scumbags.


Ballsy guys Kev, they love that.


Awful thing to say


Women love work rate.