The Cark Thread


Yip to both.

Its a natural provide for the young thing.


Very very noticable the amount of successful women around 33/34 looking for a man now as well. And truck loads of teachers, fuckin loads of them.



Don’t mind the S&C lark . Commentating on love and sex for 30 somethings is where your real talent lies .


Amazing number of women that age who end up “accidentally” pregnant.

Be careful out there.

Women of that age who are single are likely to come with a bit of baggage and at least one lad who broke their heart.

I would say late 20s is a better age range for you to work in


At least kevs missus was free to go home unlike some other dirty hoor I can think of.


Jesus , that is a new low .


True but it made me laugh…


Despite their best efforts in recent times at feminism/equality etc, women will always crave security and that’s why strong confident successful men will always be in demand.


Massive imbalance in the number of single 30 something women and men. If a single man in his 30s isn’t beating them off with a stick there must be something wrong with him


It’s human nature mate. Natural selection. It’s why some guys need to buy their wives and others are happy to live in their parents’ basement, fighting lads on the internet.


Nah, they are fucking muppets alot of them.

You are right though, that exists. But having said that there is a new type of woman that isn’t as clingy and they are alot more independant than even my vintage. And i am attracted to the self dependant types.

Another thing that exists is women dragging out marraiges till kids are 15/16 or even less and are just getting rid of lads fir very spurious reasons, keeping the house, taking maintainence and generally being cunts while spendibg half their lives on tinder.

Now some i’m sure were just cases of getting hitched too early, but i have been told by women that some women plan that. That is seriously cuntish carry on.


Simple explanation . Women see time as finite , most men don’t .


I think there is a simpler explanation. There just isn’t as many single men around as women.


Dr. Kev


Great point about the amount of single, female teachers in their 30’s. Epidemic of them around. Seem to put the career first until they hit their mid 30’s.

Single male teachers must have the life of Riley.


Up to their jolpers in clunge I’d say


You would think, but i get the impression, albeit from a small few conversations, that they wouldn’t go near another teacher.

Or maybe they just had their fill of them already.


This. By early thirties most single male teachers have rode their way through half the INTO membership and are sick to their shit of them. Same with male Gaurds, so they usually swap over.


I’d imagine the staff room could be a fairly unforgiving, bitchy place for most normal lads who might be outnumbered in a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio.

Might well deter them from settling down with another teacher.


So true mate. And she wasn’t riddled with STDs either like some other skank I can think of