The causes of Glas

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of the green and white knight that is @glasagusban 's various causes, due to the speed he can begin a new crusade.

I’ll start with today but feel free to fill in any previous ones you might care to remember.

The sexual exploitation of lower paid Lancashire lasses.


Tinkers and faggots.


Young teachers who have had the ladder pulled up on them.

The homeless numbers in Dublin have dropped considerably since he moved up there.

The Na Piarsiagh way - they take everyone in.

Lack of Education

Infant trannies.


That’s a horrible post pal.[quote=“Nembo_Kid, post:6, topic:21598, full:true”]
Infant trannies.

He’s the one who championing the cause for such things.

Poor misunderstood Muslims.

Shit I don’t even remember this one. Is there much of this going on? Sounds awful.

@Julio_Geordio, is there a Facebook page for this?

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Awful carry on.[quote=“Nembo_Kid, post:8, topic:21598, full:true”]
He’s the one who championing the cause for such things.

Poor TDS let down limerick people

His virtue signalling would make you sick.

That tortoise.

Male infants why play with barbie dolls.

Expand please? Are they play-beating them with the back of Ken’s hand for not cooking the man some fucking eggs? Cos that’s ok.

Infant boys who play with dolls need a sex change other wise they are being blackguarded. Sick sick cunt. I’d say he regret it now, tb fair.

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Defending Davy Fitz is the worst offence of all.

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Another thread about @glasagusban :smile:

Jaysus lads he’s running rings around youse.

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Limerick Hurling.

The poor delusional cunt.