The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Four. Flatty needs more help 🐐

Rob Heffernan, Paul O’Donovan and Paschal Sheedy all in one day.

Up Cork!

Are you proposing to log those as spots?


You’d hope not, but yet he’s in this thread. This will be fascinating to see develop

Sure go on sure.

As currently constituted they are not spots. There isn’t enough detail or context. If you would like to flesh them out I will consider them then.

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It’s a trap @Locke


A fair collection of oddballs

Who: Eamon Coghlan
Famous for: former 5000m world champion and failed politician
Where: Porterstown Park overflow car park
Wearing: Black down jacket, black tracksuit bottoms, black baseball cap and pink Nikes
When: now
Eamon was shooting the breeze with some folks in the car park and headed in the direction of the coffee van. He appeared to be looking around in the hope people would recognise him


Who: Jim Sheridan
Famous for: Film director of note, said some strange things about Ian Bailey recently
Where: Corner of Main Street Maynooth and the Dunboyne Road
Other notes: Jim was moving with purpose and carried a bag which may have included a laptop or a tablet. He was with a younger hipster gentleman who he seemed to be telling to hurry up. He’s very small.




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Isn’t everyone very small??


Who: Jason Leonard
Famous for: England Rugby World Cup winner 2003
Where: Walking from near Bank tube station towards the Guildhall in London town
Wearing: Dark blue navy casual jacket, blue check shirt and dark casual trousers
When: Last Wednesday afternoon
To note: I spotted Jason approaching me on the same footpath and gave him a friendly nod of the head while passing by, he smiled back, probably having noticed the Munster jacket I was wearing, seemed a nice lad,very stocky.



That’s an outstanding wum.

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Not a spot.

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Minister Roderic O’Gorman crossing Main St Blanchardstown close to Brownes steakhouse at around 1pm today. Wearing a grey coat and cap and carrying a few Aldi plastic bags. He was headed in the Supervalu direction possibly getting his weekly shop. He gave me a nod no doubt approving of my active travel mode of transport.


Not a spot


Who: Jerry Flannery

Famous for: Rugby player and coach, TV pundit, publican.

Where: Sarsfield Bridge, Limerick.

When: 15 minutes ago.

Demeanour: I generally make a point of ignoring celebrities but had to look back to make sure it was him. He seemed a bit stressed, the two young fellas he was with (presumably his children) were in no rush and were giving a good inspection of the 1916 Memorial. I presume Jerry wanted to get to a television to see the Munster match.