The Celebrity Spotting Thread Part Four. Flatty needs more help 🐐

The best football analyst on Irish television at the moment I think - which wouldn’t be hard.



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Damien got a hair job obviously.

Did you spell hand wrong there? @locke is fond of Damien but I think that’s a stretch

You’ll have to before and after that shit.


They come and go. He’s a comma chameleon.


I’m pretty sure I spotted Sharon Ní Bheoláin on Sunday afternoon. Do you Portmarnock/Malahide lads know if she’s a sea* swimmer? I’d just like more clarity on this aspect before committing to the spot. PS, I didn’t potentially see her in Portmarnock/Malahide, but there’s people from there who are fans of the RTE News presenter.

cc @Juhniallio, @Rocko, @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy

*open water

I thinks she’s more into martial arts.

I saw Claire Brock at Colbert Station a few weeks ago but didn’t log it after my last few attempted spots failed.

If RTÉ stars are not spots then you’ve no chance with Virgin Media employees.

I never watch Virgin Media channels.
Is there anything on them at all?

Not a lot. The Tonight Show isn’t bad though it’s a pity they don’t have Vincent Browne involved.